Shannon Woodward

Shannon Marie Woodward is an American actress who is known for her works in various shows and series, aged 33; she was born in the city of Arizona, Phoenix on 17th of December in 1984. She is known for her role in the famous TV sitcom; Raising Hopes in which she is the leading character.

Shannon Woodward attends the FOX TV 2013 TCA Winter Press Tour at Langham Huntington Hotel

Shannon Woodward IMDb:

She has worked in movies and TV shows which soon after releasing got higher ratings on IMDb, meanwhile, Westworld is one of the most highly rated TV series on IMDb in which Shannon Woodward has acted. Shannon Woodward has also played influential roles in iconic sitcoms and TV series; Raising Hope, The last of us, and Psych. According to her IMDb page, she started to work for a charity for a while, but ended up deciding to enter into the showbiz and started acting while she was in high school.   She thought that she is very much fortunate to be able to live at her parents’ house until she was making enough money to be somebody’s roommate.

According to her IMDb profile, when she was a child, she began her career as an actress; her phenomenal work grabbed the attention of the director for Nickelodeon’s Clarissa Explains It All in 1991.

Shannon Woodward Instagram:

Shannon Woodward has around 99.5k followers on Instagram, and she is quite an active social media user with 398 posts on her insta account. She has a huge fan following because of her versatility and work.  She has a hidden talent; she plays the guitar and sings very well. Shannon Woodward’s Instagram is full of random posts; like her solo pictures, group photos, singing videos, screenshots, and memes. Her followers include an international singing icon; Katy Perry. Katy seems to be a very close friend of the veteran actress, whose friendship is not hidden from the world. Shannon follows around 228 accounts on Instagram which probably includes her co-workers and friends.  The actress also uses her social media account to promote her TV series and movies, while sharing about her personal life at the same time. In her recent post, she has also shared a picture of her cat with a hilariously adorable caption.

Shannon Woodward movies and TV shows:

When Nickelodeon’s Clarissa Explains It All casting director witnessed her work, he thought to give her a chance in the show. Shannon Woodward’s professional acting career was started with that first movie in the year 1991. Along with that, she started playing several side roles in most television shows which include Grounded for Life, Malcolm in the Middle, and The Drew Carey Show. She has also played a role in Crossing Jordan, Without a Trace, and some very famous series like Boston Public and Psych. However, she officially stepped in the international industry in 2005 when she first played the character of Emma Sharp in the action comedy, ‘Man of the House’. Because of her phenomenal performance, the audience loved and praised her work. She also played the iconic character of Fiona in a movie, ‘The Quiet’, in 2005 while in 2007; she played the role of Emily in ‘The Comebacks’, as well as the character of The Haunting of Molly Hartley.

Shannon Woodward Westworld:

Shannon Woodward arriving to the FOX All Star Party in West Hollywood

Westworld is a science fiction drama series by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, starring Shannon Woodward Elsie Hughes is one of the leading characters in the ongoing western sci-fi TV series named as Westworld. She is a rising star in the Department of Behavior Lab and Diagnostics. She plays the character of a girl who diagnoses behavior problems in the hosts of Westworld, whereas she also helps in programming them before their entry into the park. Hughes is played by Shannon Woodward.

Shannon has made her appearances in the TV series in both the seasons of Westworld; The Original and The Passenger. The cause of her death in the series is that she was shot through her heart by her enemy and despite her death in the series; she is seen in the TV series in flashbacks in two of the last episodes of the season one, ‘The Original’.

In cast Shannon Woodward:

Shannon Woodward made her comeback in 2009 when she was offered a role in the pilot Limelight, a story which revolved around school for performing arts in the New York City. Although the series didn’t get much views and appreciation, the actress further went on to play a role on NBC’s ER in the 15th season which was the final season too; she played the character Kelly Taggart who was the younger sibling of Nurse Samantha known more as “Sam” Taggart. She was also featured in ‘The Shortcut’ – a thriller about teens.

While in 2010, Shannon Woodward got a role in Girlfriend which was an independent drama. And in 2015, she was offered the leading character in the sitcom ‘The Breakup Girl’.

Shannon always looked for the opportunity to appear in television series, and she made it to some of the TV series including The Riches, Criminal Minds, ER, and Garfunkel and Oates, and among several others.

Shannon Woodward Raising Hope:

Shannon Woodward is best known because of this show for her role of Sabrina in ‘Raising Hope’ which is a very famous television sitcom, produced by Greg Garcia. The series was first aired on TV channel Fox in September 2010. Total four seasons are made, in which Shannon has appeared in 88 episodes. The show has done a business of around $10,000,000 in its four seasons.

Katy Perry has also made a guest appearance on an episode of Raising Hope’s second season.

Unfortunately, the show has already been canceled after four seasons only. The audience was shocked when it got canceled as the critics like the character of Shannon and the chemistry of Sabrina with Lucas portraying as Jimmy, who was a single parent raising his child after his wife ran away. The TV series was aired till the year 2014 and discontinued after that. Audiences still wish to see Shannon back in the series.

Shannon Woodward arrives at the FOX Eco-Casino Party

Shannon Woodward Psych:

Shannon Woodward has played the character of a villainess named as Alice Bundy from Psych. Shannon appeared in the season one ‘Scary Sherri: Bianca’s Toast’.

Alice Bundy was a childhood best friend of Doreen Harthan, who was a part of the Beta Theta Kappa organization, but when her best friend Doreen died, Alice wanted to take the revenge of her friend’s death and blamed her organization Doreen was working under. So, Alice tampered with the electricity in the house of the company to make it appear as if Doreen was haunting it. Next was that Alice murdered Bianca who was also a member of Beta Theta Kappa, which she killed by dropping a toaster in the bathtub that she was bathing in. Shannon has beautifully portrayed the role of the curious best friend of a dead girl. The critic says that Shannon Woodward has done justice with the character, Alice.

Shannon Woodward net worth:

Shannon has been working since her childhood and has been a part of some of the very phenomenal TV series and shows. Her acting skills have taken her to the highs in the industry, and she has received massive applause on most of her work done. She started her acting career as we wanted to own her responsibilities and be financially strong. Today, she has been noted as a self-proclaimed TV artist who has a net worth of around 3 billion dollars, which is enormous. Her work has been loved by the critics and the audiences, which is why she is an internationally recognized TV star. The American TV actress is praised for her hardworking and dedication, which is why she is paid nicely for her roles in the sitcoms and series.